Aussie Lawn Care Schedule for Bonza Looking Lawn

If your home is your castle, then your lawn is your moat. In order to keep everything looking top notch, you need to ensure your lawn is looking it’s best all year round. That’s why we recommend an Aussie lawn care schedule for a bonza looking lawn.

Mowgul recommends an effective lawn care schedule should be in place to reach the level of bonza. You can’t do everything all at once though, and there are certain treatments that do better than others during certain seasons. So how do you put a lawn care treatment schedule in place?

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Lawn Treatments and When They Should be Done

Here are the common activities that aim to maintain the beauty of your lawn, and the ideal times to do them.

Cleaning and Dethatching your Lawn

Dethatching, or removing a layer of the lawn is advised in early spring. This includes raking twigs and leaves that have accumulated. This cleans your lawn and prevents smothering, allowing the grass to receive the nutrients it needs.

Fertilising the SoilFertilising the Soil

The time you fertilise your soil depends on the type of grass you have. Warm weather grass benefits from fertilisation during the spring, while cold weather grass is best fertilised in the late summer when it begins to store energy for winter.

It is best to observe your grass and identify when they grow the most, and that’s usually when fertilisation is ideal.

Create Passage for Water, Fertiliser, and Air

Gently boring holes into the ground so that water, fertiliser, and air can access is known as aeration. The best time to aerate is when the ground is no longer damp, so late spring to early summer is when it should usually be done. It can also be done during autumn when you’ve experienced heavy rains in summer.

Use of Pre-Emergent Herbicides

The use of pre-emergent herbicides ensures that you have an easier time fighting stubborn weeds throughout the year. The ideal time to apply it is before the soil temperature reaches around 13 degrees Celsius which is when seeds germinate, or at the beginning of spring and beginning of autumn.

Also, aeration should be followed by pre-emergent herbicide application as well.

Mowing and Grass CuttingLawn Mowing Hills District

As a rule of thumb, you should keep your grass around 2-3 inches long. Any shorter than that and it won’t be healthy for your lawn. Any longer and it looks ghastly.

Lawn maintenance through mowing is usually done once a week during spring, then once every two weeks in summer. As summer winds down and the weather cools lawns are usually mowed once a month during Autumn/Winter. This is just a guide of course, and can depend on when your grass grows the most.

Watering your Lawn

Contrary to popular belief, your lawn should generally be watered once a week only, covering it with about an inch of water. Watering it with sprinklers frequently only leads to shallow growth of roots, and that’s not healthy for your grass.

Post-Emergent Herbicide Application

Applying pre-emergent herbicide should take care of most weed problems. There are stubborn weeds, however, that still continue to survive. The first step to elimination should be gently pulling without scattering its seeds.

If the situation is more severe, apply post-emergent herbicide as needed, coating the blades of weeds when using non-selective variants.

Some of us won’t have the time to do and manage all the work involved with having a beautiful lawn, right? Luckily, Mowgul can take care of your lawn needs for you. All you need to do is call us, and then sit back and watch us work our magic.

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